Sunday Best: Okra and Tomatoes

My late grandmother, Daisy, taught me a trick that reduces the slime in okra, making it tastier.

Lovely lunch, lovely day: Taco soup is back!

I nearly freaked out when I got home from the grocery store and realized that I neglected to buy taco seasoning! Note to self: After making a grocery list, read the list as you shop!

Simplicity! Easy Vegan Garbanzo Bean Burger

Lovely lunch – lovely day – garbanzo bean burger topped with sautéed sweet onions and mushrooms along with kale chips – YUMMY! I have posted recipes for kale chips and for a Marinated Garbanzo Bean and Quinoa Burger. Today I decided to have the kale chips with a simplified vegan garbanzo bean burger recipe. Here…

Take me away to avocadoville!

I guess I should have had an idea that I was headed toward a life of veganism, because when I saw those avocados, I couldn’t see anything else.