Saturday Sabbatical: Slow Cooker Oatmeal

I generally cook three times a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. I don’t do any of that on Saturday’s, however. I eat cereal occasionally, but I definitely don’t want to eat it every Saturday. That’s where slow cooker oatmeal comes in. It’s the perfect combination for me, because I love oatmeal and adore slow cookers! The idea of going to sleep and waking up to a ready-made breakfast – well – I can’t imagine it getting much better than that!

When you search for slow cooker oatmeal online, a slew of recipes will come up – many using steel-cut oats. Since I’ve tried a few slow cooker oatmeal recipes, I was prepared for this and searched for recipes using old-fashioned oats, which is what I had in my cupboard. Because the oatmeal cooks overnight, you should only use the oatmeal the recipe you decide to use calls for. I’ve tried substituting quick-cooking oats when the recipe called for steel-cut oats. I don’t recommend doing this unless you want oatmeal that is mushier than cream of wheat.

I’m pleased with the recipe I chose for several reasons:

  1. The writer of the blog, Circle B Kitchen advises readers to place the ingredients into the slow cooker in the exact order she recommends and to refrain from stirring. I knew this was important, because when you had cinnamon and apples last, both compete to rise to the top instead of resting at the bottom where their flavors can be dispersed throughout the oatmeal.
  2. Because the oats cook overnight, you end up with a creamy, smooth texture to enjoy.
  3. The flavor is subtly sweet – just right for me anyway. I’ve often found myself adding some sort of sweetener to the oats once they’re in my bowl, but not with this recipe.

I made this recipe vegan by substituting coconut milk for cows’milk. I also used pink Himalayan sea salt instead of table salt.

First, add 1 chopped apple to the slow cooker. Peeling the apple is optional.
Add the cinnamon and then salt.
The brown sugar goes in next.
Add the oatmeal.
Then add the milk and water. Cook on low as you sleep!
You should end up with this yummy goodness! The recipe yields roughly 3 servings.

You will smell this apple-cinnamony yummy goodness when you awake! I typically go for a walk on Saturday mornings, and I love returning to this satisfyingly filling breakfast! I’ve been known to eat this for breakfast, and then have it later as an after-dinner treat. That’s exactly what I intend to do with this batch! As of now, this is my go-to slow cooker oatmeal recipe. The only change I will probably make in the future, is that I’ll try it with an ancient grain oatmeal such as quinoa.

Click to get Circle B Kitchen’s slow cooker oatmeal recipe with measurements.







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