Favorite Things: Veetee Dine in Rice

My mother made sure I could cook a pot of rice.


Becoming the Muffin Woman

Among my family members, there is only one name we are permitted to call each other – monster! Miranda is the potato chip monster. Elijah is the sweets monster. Nick is the cookie monster. No seriously, he can eat an entire pack of Chips Ahoy by himself and not gain a pound – mutter, mutter! I’m the sweet…

Back to Breakfast

Occasionally, I don’t want breakfast. I mean, I don’t want ANYTHING to do with it.

Hummus Happiness: Cook Out inspires hummus-eating frenzy

My mom is a vegetarian and I’m vegan, of course. When she drove into the parking lot of a Cook Out restaurant, I couldn’t figure out what I would be able to eat at an establishment named after America’s meat-eating pastime.

So Delicious Vanilla Yogurt Alternative

All my life I’ve gotten hungry around 3 p.m., so finding snacks that quell my hunger pangs has long been one pursuit I’ve been quite passionate about!

Power Bowl: Vegan Taco Bowl

I love EVERYTHING taco! I love taco salad, and I love taco soup! I’ve expanded my taco repertoire with a Vegan Taco Power Bowl!