I am a wife, mother, journalist, writer and a teacher who has battled weight gain most of my life. When I found myself more than 50 pounds over weight in June 2016, I knew it was time to lose the weight and this time, keep it off! After losing 30 pounds on a popular weight-loss program, I still didn’t feel as healthy as I felt I should. When I stumbled upon YouTube videos featuring Dr. Sebi explaining the difference between alkaline and acidic foods, I knew I had to give eating only the foods from his nutritional guide a try. Within days, eating only the foods on his guide and refraining from eating meat, dairy and processed foods, I felt better. I am now hooked on the Alkaline Life! Here, I share my favorite recipes but I substitute some of the ingredients with alkaline foods to make the recipes alkaline.

As a journalist, I also wrote about food, but I never thought of myself as someone who loves to cook, but I’ve realized that I’ve always been sharing food. Immediately upon switching to Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide, I began posting pictures of the food I cooked on various social media sites. Several of my friends there wrote comments like, “Looks yummy!” and “Keep on posting!” I also began sending my family members texts – sometimes several times a day of the vegan meals I had cooked. And most recently, I was reminded that at the baby shower for my now 7-year-old daughter, I was astonished at how many people filled my classroom where it was held. A fellow teacher commented, “You have fed everyone in this room.” That statement reminded me that when I cooked dinner at home, I would package the extra and “treat” another teacher to lunch that day. Many of them were astonished, stating, “I forgot to bring my lunch today – thank you!

So I’ve shared my food physically and virtually with the people I know, and now, I’m sharing it with you. Enjoy!