It’s bananas – fried green bananas that is

These are SO good, that Miranda, 7, declared that we are no longer going to buy fries – that we will make these instead.


Drink pink! Stop throwing strawberry tops away

That might not seem like a big deal, but if looking at strawberry-tinted water will help me drink more off it, I’m in!

These onion rings right here!

As I’ve stated several times, I’ve HATED onions most of my life – until I finally tasted Vidalia onions! A few weeks ago, they were on sale at practically a BOGO price, so 2 bags had to come home with me! I sautéed my way through the first bag, but when I got to the…

The day I became a pescatarian . . .

All I remember was my mom and grandmother holding me up by my arms at the front door and I came to thinking, “Are they throwing me out!”