More have high blood pressure due to new guidelines

Photo by msn

If your blood pressure is normal, chances are, you now have high blood pressure. When I sat with my husband, Nick, in the hospital last night, he told me that his doctor told him that the readings for blood pressure have been lowered, so those who were in the prehypertensive stage are now considered to have high blood pressure! Shortly after he told me this, this story aired on the news also explaining that 50 percent of the people in this country have high blood pressure. Not to minimize this problem in any way, but I’ve never liked being a statistic – time for me to seriously attack this problem so I can get to the point where my blood pressure is controlled without meds! Please, know your blood pressure reading. If it’s high work with your doctor to get it controlled because it really is the silent killer.

Here’s more information about the new guidelines.




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