Favorite things: So Delicious Coconutmilk Yogurt Alternative


I think I almost broke my neck while shopping in the organic/vegan section in my local Kroger recently when I did a double take as I passed by the small yogurt section! I knew about the So Delicious Dairy Alternative line of products, but since I live in a tiny town, I gave up on finding them. Then I did, and I’m SO glad I did! As far back as I can remember, I’ve always eaten yogurt. No, really, I can remember being six-years-old and eating fruit-on-the bottom yogurt with my mom. It must have been an after-dinner snack, because I can recall being in pajamas. I don’t remember which brand of yogurt we enjoyed, but for some reason, I think it was Breyer’s although, I haven’t seen Breyer’s yogurt in these parts recently. Anyway, my mom’s favorite flavor was strawberry and mine was blueberry. To this day, blueberry yogurt is still my favorite, especially if they slipped some acai in there with it! Then I went vegan and there went the yogurt – until now!

As you can see, it’s made with organic coconut milk. That’s cute how they drew the arrow to “milk!” It’s also certified vegan, a verified non-GMO product and certified gluten-free.

Technically speaking, I’m not eating yogurt when I eat this, because it’s a yogurt alternative. I’m also not technically eating banana ice cream when I blend frozen bananas, coconut milk and pure vanilla extract, but it tastes just as delicious as ice cream so I’m going to keep calling it that. This yogurt alternative is as yummy of yogurt, so I’ll keep calling it yogurt.


This yogurt is the creamiest! I mean, I don’t know how they could have made it any creamier. Because this is the strawberry variety, there are small pieces of strawberries inside.


I’ve also tried the raspberry flavor, and it was equally creamy. Both varieties were pleasantly and mildly sweet. Like me, you’ve probably found that some yogurts can be sickingly sweet while others are just bitter. I like that these yogurts come preblended, because some of the fruit in the fruit-on-the-bottom varieties stubbornly stay down there. Then there are the fruit-in-a-separate cup varieties that I’ve NEVER been able to get all of the fruit sauce out of. It seems like such a waste to throw the container away with the fruit sauce still stuck in there – mutter . . . mutter – but I digress.

The container size is 5.3 ounces, which helps it to serve as a satisfying snack for me. To sum it all up, this yogurt is creamy, satisfyingly sweet and the right size to make me keep buying it. Now only if my local grocery stores would carry other So Delicious products, especially since the company produces alternatives for milk, ice cream and creamer among other products in coconut, almond, cashew and soy varieties. I think it should be a while before I use the word “varieties,” again! I’ll do my best not to!


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