Could I have found nature’s appetite suppresant?

Let me tell you, I’m ALWAYS hungry at 3 p.m. – have always been – but not anymore!


Photoaday Day 30: P is for . . .

The No. 1 highlight of losing the first 10 pounds 10 years ago was that a young man asked me for my phone number!

Photoaday Day 29 – Before and After

Some experts advise that when you hit a plateau, as I did and stayed there for more than a month, it’s time to reexamine your habits. That’s what I’ve begun to do, and maybe what I’m doing can help you, too.

The biggest losers keep track of what they eat!

Research, has shown that people who keep track of what they eat, lose more weight than those who don’t. I don’t have to read a 200-page research paper to believe that keeping some sort of food diary promotes weight-loss success.

Weight-loss tip: Find a support system

My husband, Nick, who can’t gain weight even when he wants to, never said a word about my weight even though I was 70 pounds heavier than I was when got married.