Vegan sweet potato and caramelized onion toast


One aspect of being a vegan that I enjoy tremendously is discovering foods that are new to me. I’m also having a good time finding new ways to enjoy old favorites like sweet potatoes. I’ve eaten them as sweet potato pie, candied sweet potatoes and simple baked sweet potatoes. When I watched the YouTube video of Jenee on the Sweet Potato Soul channel make Vegan Sweet Potato and Caramelized Onion Toast, I knew I had to try it! She mentioned that the North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission asked her to make it using their recipe, and while I’m sure theirs is awesome, I immediately made a few key changes to make it my own.

I started by dicing 1 medium sweet potato. I drizzled oil on them, massaging them to make sure they were well-coated. Jenee used savory spices. But my sweet tooth called, so placed these on a baking sheet and sprinkled 2 pinches of sugar on them along with shaking a little cinnamon on them. They roasted at 400 degrees for 25 minutes. When there was 15 minutes left for them to roast, I began sauteing half an onion in oil. The original recipe called for using a regular onion, but I used a Vidalia onion, because Vidalias are sweet and are the only onions I eat.
When the potatoes are done, place them atop the Vidalia onions and mash them.
Yours should look something like this.
Y’all, if I had known that I would make this recipe, I would have bought better bread! It was filling nonetheless! I also added tarragon after the sweet potato-onion spread was on the bread. YUMMY!



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