Do you really love what you say you love?

Melissa's Dreams
Melissa’s Dreams by Nick

Every morning I awake surrounded by art, and I consider that to be a blessing. The art is created by my husband, Nick, who is an artist among other things. As much as I enjoy his art, one of which is a portrait of me, I’m even more impressed by his dedication to it.

Before going to work each day, he squeezes into the garage and works on it – even before eating. See why I mentioned he squeezes into the garage. Generally, he works in this cluttered, tiny corner.

work area

Then when he gets off from work, he heads into the garage – no TV watching for him – no nap – it’s back to the art. In addition to being an artist, Nick is also a general contractor. That means he’s often laying a hardwood floor, building a deck or roofing somewhere after he gets off from work. Even if he doesn’t get back home until 11 p.m., and he has to go the work the following morning, he’s back in the garage working on his art. On his days off, he works on his art the entire day!


It’s probably 90 degrees in the garage, but he doesn’t use the heat as an excuse to miss even one day away from his art. When it’s winter, he’s out there in a jacket working on the art. Lately, I’ve been thinking about his dedication to his art and realized this: What he’s doing is what real professionals do – they work – whether it’s on music or swimming or cooking or gymnastics – they dedicate their time to their craft. That’s what separates them from the pack. That’s what makes them the best at what they do.

His dedication caused me to reflect on myself and my use of time. How much of it have I been using to work on my passions. I then had to admit the truth – that I don’t spend enough time on them. Somehow, though, I have time for home-improvement television and for various social media outlets. That’s simply unacceptable.


Nick and I are both pleased that his art has expanded beyond paintings and into wall sculptures like this one. I believe this new form was given to him, because of his dedication to his art. I guess a question we can all ask ourselves is are we giving that which we should be dedicated to the time it deserves? If not, aren’t you glad that making changes that enable you to direct your time where it should be quite simple? I know I am!



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