Boca Burger in a different way

I started eating Boca Burgers years before I became a vegan. I just like the taste of them so I ate them. I forgot to buy hamburger buns yesterday, so I decided to use honey wheat sandwich bread but treated it all like a grilled cheese sandwich! I’ll tell you how I did that in a few, but first I roasted tomatoes and Vidalia onions.


I love the look of tomatoes still on the vine!


Roasting tomatoes
I sliced one tomato and 1/4 of a Vidalia onion, seasoned them and roasted them at 400 degrees for 15 minutes. I sometimes use onion powder, basil and pink Himalayan sea salt.


I got the Boca out when I put the tomatoes and Vidalia onions in the oven. It’s only 1 Weight Watchers point.


I thoroughly cooked the Boca according to package instructions as I sautéed portabella mushrooms and 1/4 of a Vidalia onion.


Once the Boca was cooked, I placed a slice of bread in the pan, placed the Boca on it and topped it with the roasted tomatoes and some of the mushrooms and Vidalia onions.


Then I treated it all like a grilled cheese sandwich without the cheese.


Here’s my lunch: Grilled cheese-style Boca Burger, a side of roasted tomatoes and a green leaf salad topped with spiralized cucumber and sautéed mushrooms and Vidalia onions. Balsamic vinegar served as my dressing.


Once I took the first bite, I couldn’t put it down!










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