So a slower metabolism as we age is a myth?

It sort of is. Here’s what I mean. I read an article recently that stated that as we age, our metabolisms slow down but very little. A part of me doesn’t want to believe that, because this girl used to be able to drop 5 pounds in a week in her 20s. Now, doing that can take up an entire month! The writer of the article asserted that what really slows down is our activity. As we age, we simply get less activity, which results in weight gain.

My bike


I NEVER feel like working out – never have and probably never will. BUT I’ve finally latched onto something my naturally-thin husband, Nick, seems to have always known. Exercise is a necessity whether you’re trying to lose weight or not. That’s why EVERY morning without fail, this thin man who couldn’t weigh more than 145 pounds if someone paid him to, rolls out of bed every morning onto the floor and does 100 push-ups. EVERY Friday without fail, he’s at a gym or a basketball court getting that workout in. It is on his mental calendar, so much so, that I even plan around it! He has long understood that our bodies were designed for movement, and I finally understand that, too. Now does that mean, that I workout every day? No. That’s unrealistic for me. I workout 4 days a week. Do I always workout on the days I have scheduled for it. Nope. If I REALLY don’t feel like working out. I don’t, BUT I workout the following day to make up for it. Having a spouse who has adopted working out as a lifestyle is inspiring to say the least, but what if yours or your significant other isn’t into exercise? Then I would suggest that you become the one who begins to workout, with your doctor’s approval of course. That way you’ll be on the road to getting fit, and you might inspire your significant other to do the same!


Start by finding exercise you enjoy. I started with walking. It’s one of the best exercises around, because it boasts SO many health benefits! Then Nick began to teach me tennis. He had long been teaching Elijah, 8, and Miranda, 7, while I stayed behind at home. When I told him I really enjoyed learning, he surprised me with my own tennis racquet! When I told him I would ride a bike if I had one, he surprised me with one of those, too! If you’d rather workout on equipment, find a gym near you. Some cities have community recreation centers where fees can be as low at $2 each visit! And I’m talking about community recreation centers that boasts top-of-the-line facilities!

Whether you like working out indoors or out, my advice is this, just get moving. You’ll be SO glad you did!




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