Same recipe – better muffins!

Better muffins

The Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book 14th Edition 2003 contains my go-to-recipe for muffins. I love it, because it also gives variations for banana muffins, blueberry muffins and oatmeal muffins among others.

I’ve made these muffins more times than I can count, even making them vegan by using aquafaba which is garbanzo bean liquid instead of eggs and substituting coconut milk for cow’s milk. I’ve even used various types of flour, including all–purpose, self-rising and spelt. As of now, my all-time favorite is the sprouted whole-grain organic spelt flour I bought from Your DeKalb County Farmers Market, which is a World Direct Market.


The type and brand of flour you use makes all the difference in flavor!

The muffins I made using the same recipe but with this flour were the best ever! The flour added an additional subtle sweetness without my having to add more sugar. Nick, the kids and I ate half of the muffins straight out of the oven!

I’ve decided that I’m going back to organic! I’ve been contemplating growing as much as my own food as possible since my great-grandmother did. Her doing so gave us access to organic green beans, watermelon, collard greens, etc. We also had peach, pear, orange, fig and pecan trees along with wild blackberries. We were eating organically long before the word organic became commonly used!  And So was Nick’s family. They farmed as well.

We know that organic food is better for us, but it also tastes better! I’ve purchased organic wheat spaghetti that tasted better than regular white spaghetti! I’m convince that organic food tastes the way food is supposed to tastes, but I guess that’s a no-brainer

Anyway, you can get the muffin recipes here. To make them vegan, use your favorite nut milk and egg substitute. Right now, my favorite is aquafaba.




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