What’s standing in your way?


Obstacles. They’re a given. To accomplish our goals, we have to jump over them. What do you do when the obstacle is you? After all these years, I’ve finally realized or better yet, I’ve finally admitted that my biggest obstacle has been me. What I’ve also realized is that when I decide to get out of my own way and turn what I should do into what I must do, I manifest success!

Case in point is the photo above. I had already lost a few pounds when I had the first picture taken. I didn’t want to take it. After all, I had been ditching having my photo taken for years, which is why, unfortunately, I’m not in very many family photos. I had Elijah, 8, take the photo, because I wanted a before photo. You see, I had finally decided to get out of my own way, and do something about the weight I had gained since giving birth to two children a year apart 7 years ago. I did that by no longer eating 6 apple fritters a week alongside as many buffalo wings dipped in blue cheese as I wanted 3 times a week. I did that by getting up at 5 a.m. to take a walk to get a jump on taking 10,000 steps several days a week and going to a gym for the first time ever. I decided to change what I should do into what I must do, because I didn’t want to wait for a doctor to tell me that I had some kind of dreaded chronic disease that I could have avoided by eating better and exercising regularly. I did that by joining Weight Watchers and sticking to the program most of the time. I did it, because I want to do everything I can to be around for my husband and young children. I’ve lost 51 pounds and counting, because I made a decision and supported it with the necessary actions to reach my goal.

I also decided to go back to school. I was in the 3rd year of a 3-year Ph.D. program when a financial aid error forced me out of school. It took 3 1/2 years for me to decide to do what I could to get the error corrected, because I also decided that I couldn’t live with getting that close to earning that degree and not reaching the finish line. So in April, I decided to dispute the error, and 3 months later, I was reenrolled back into my Ph.D. program! When I wrote the letter, I didn’t know that I would get this most awesome result. I just decided to heed Martin Luther King, Jr.’s advice not to worry about seeing the whole staircase, but to just take the first step.

For exactly 20 years, I have awakened almost every morning with a new piece of music that I’ve never heard before in my head. When it first started happening, I told my pastor of the church I attended at that time. He said, that I’m supposed to be writing music and to record the music I wake up with every morning. I did. The problem is that’s all I’ve been doing with it for 20 years. Not anymore. I’ve been granted a scholarship for a music course so I can finally do something with this music. My oldest, Kayla, gave me all five of the required textbooks as a Mother’s Day gift! I enrolled in the course, because I decided that 20 years of being awakened with music in my head was long enough to figure out that apparently, I’m a songwriter! I don’t know where that’s going but please stay tuned!

What goal are you working on? Is it to buy a house, earn a degree or lose weight, etc. So the question of the day is what is your obstacle? Is it you?


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