Y’all, this water bottle right here!



Photo from Amazon.com

This Contigo stainless steel water bottle is one of my FAVORITE things of all time! Here’s why: I took it out of the refrigerator at 6:50 a.m. Then I drove with it to Mercer University for 1 hour. The water was still cold. It sat in the car with me for another hour – still cold. At 9 a.m., I began taking comprehensive exams that lasted 5 hours. Y’all, the water was still cold! I drove the hour trip back in the car in July without the air conditioning on, and drank the COLD water along the way. I stopped at the grocery store and left the water bottle in the hot car for 1 hour. When I returned, the water was still cold! I drove home for about 8 minutes. When I got in the house, I put the groceries away and fixed dinner for my family, which took about another hour. Y’all, the water was STILL COLD after I did all of that! When I explained all of this to Nick, he said, “Isn’t that my water bottle?” I replied, “Yes, but I’m keeping it!”

It does the same thing for hot beverages. Back when I was drinking coffee, I’d fill the water bottle with it, and 4 hours later the coffee would still be warm enough to drink! Contigo offers various designs, but I prefer the ones that include the straw, so I don’t have tilt the water bottle up to drink. I paid approximately $20 for this model, and it was definitely worth it! I recently read an article warning about the use of plastic water bottles. The writer recommended using stainless steel water bottles. I’m SO glad I already have one! You might be able to find these in some grocery stores, but I ordered this one from amazon.


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