Watermelon: Free to be sugar-free!


I have a wicked sweet tooth – one that has had me up at 12 a.m. making vegan blueberry muffins and forgetting to put the blueberries in them! When I recently reached my goal of losing 50 pounds, I decided I needed to set some new health goals. One of them includes getting sugar primarily through fresh fruit. When I tell you have a sweet tooth, I mean I find myself searching the kitchen for something like a chocolate chip cookie or chocolate-covered pretzel immediately after eating lunch, dinner and sometimes after breakfast! In Weight Watchers terms, two measly chocolate chip cookies is a whopping 7 points! Watermelon and other fresh fruits are zero points! I’m operating off a 30-point-per-day budget, so I choose watermelon!

Recently, when my family and I were a few minutes into an hour-long drive home, Nick passed a road-side fruit and veggie stand. I literally had a fit trying to get him to turn around. A mile later, he did, and he picked what must be the SWEETEST watermelon I’ve ever tasted! Y’all, this watermelon is as sweet as a Jolly Rancher – sweeter than those couple of cookies!

In addition to the wonderful taste of a delightfully sweet watermelon, this fruit is packed with some surprising health benefits, according to Organic Facts. Some of them include the prevention of kidney disorders, high blood pressure, the prevention of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, heat stroke, macular degeneration and impotence. Because I’m not a doctor, these are not my claims, but I’m happy to eat watermelon just the same. Hey, that rhymes! OK, maybe I’m a little silly, because I’ve been studying like crazy for 2 1/2 weeks to undergo two days a testing tomorrow as I reenter school to earn this final degree! Anyway, back to studying and eating this watermelon!

P.S. Nick said that you can tell whether a watermelon is sweet by its stem. If the stem is brown he says, it’s sweet. If the stem as fallen off, well, it’s the luck of the draw! Happy watermelon picking!




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