These onion rings right here!

As I’ve stated several times, I’ve HATED onions most of my life – until I finally tasted Vidalia onions! A few weeks ago, they were on sale at practically a BOGO price, so 2 bags had to come home with me! I sautéed my way through the first bag, but when I got to the second bag, I thought, “I’ve got to try making onion rings!” I’ve never liked onion rings, but since I had this second bag, I thought, “What the heck!”

Sweet Onions

So I went online looking for a recipe. The first one listed, Old Fashioned Onion Rings is on, and since the recipe is touted as being shared by a former fast-food worker, I thought, “This has to be good!” The recipe consists of several steps. But not only is the recipe easy to remember, these onion rings are EVERYTHING! Y’all, when I tell you these are good – I had to keep myself from eating the entire bowl of them! They’re SO good that 2 days later, I’m cooking them AGAIN! I’m giving myself a pass, since I only eat deep-fried foods once or twice a week.

Sliced onions
Start with slicing sweet onions.
Combine all-purpose flour and salt. I used pink Himalayan sea salt.
Flour the onions, but it’s not time to fry them just yet.
Wet ingredients
Remove the onions and add milk and egg to the flour mixture. I used coconut milk, because I felt it would add a subtle sweetness. To make it vegan, omit the egg and add 3 tablespoons of aquafaba. Use the vegan milk of your choice.
Smothered onions
Recoat the onions with the batter – still not time to fry.
Place the onions on a wire rack with foil beneath to let the excess batter drip off. I don’t have a rack so I used one from my oven. NOTHING was going to stop me from making these!
Dip each onion in breadcrumbs.
Now it’s time to fry! I was all set to finally use the deep fryer my mom gave me 4 months ago. Just as I was about to fry these, I realized that the plug for the deep fryer is in Savannah with my mom 4 hours away! Still, NOTHING was going to stop me from cooking these, so I poured some oil in a pot and cooked them anyway.
Y’all, these onion rings right here! They aren’t as pretty as the ones on but they are YUMMY! Click for the complete recipe.






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