The day I became a pescatarian . . .


At the creation of this blog, I wrote that I would take my favorite recipes and make substitutions to make them vegan or vegetarian. The majority of my attempts yielded YUMMY results such as vegan blueberry muffins, vegan taco soup and vegan black bean burgers! I’ve been a vegan for approximately eights months. It’s been eight months of trying foods and spices that were new to me like quinoa, spelt, savory and kale chips. And then there were the squashes, including spaghetti and acorn. In fact, I’m eating DELICIOUS butternut squash fries as I write this post! It’s been eight months of cooking two breakfasts, two lunches and two dinners EVERY day – a set for me and another for my nonvegan husband and children. Then on Fridays, in addition to all the breakfasts and lunches, I prepared four dinners – two for Friday evening and two for Saturday, since Saturday is my break from cooking. I don’t mention that to complain, because I really didn’t mind doing it although it was a lot of work. I mentioned it, because I really don’t have to do that anymore unless I want to. You see, I woke up recently with one thought on my mind. “I’m going to eat fish!”

It was quite an interesting thought, because for nearly eight months, I prepared fish for my family on a weekly basis and NEVER felt tempted to eat any. When I told my oldest daughter, Kayla, who is 24 about my urge, she suggested that I was craving fish, because my body needed iron. I had heard that cravings can be signals from our bodies telling us which nutrients we are in dire need of, but I decided to read about it anyway. I wasn’t at all surprised that my body could be craving iron, because I’ve always had anemia. When I was growing up, infants weren’t tested for anemia, so we didn’t find out that I had it until my mom was fixing my hair when I was 11 as I got ready for school one morning, and I fainted and fell to the floor. All I remember was my mom and grandmother holding me up by my arms at the front door and I came to thinking, “Are they throwing me out!” Of course they would never do that, but I was an 11-year-old tween who had fainted for the first time in her life after all.

When Kayla said, “You’re a pescatarian!” I had to google it. According to, a pescatarian is someone who follows a vegetarian diet but also eats seafood. That means my mom and brother are also pescatarians except I think I’m still mostly vegan at heart. The only seafood I eat is fish, and I only plan to eat that 2-3 times a week. I’m so accustomed to being a vegan, that I don’t yet think about eating dairy products. In fact, I just finished a vegan lunch that consisted of a Boca burger, a slice of wheat bread, butternut squash fries and leftover green beans. It was all YUMMY!

48 pounds gone – 2 to go! And these last 2 have been elusive, but I’m not giving up!

I’m entering and new season of my life and reentering an old one. You see, I recently got accepted into Liberty University’s Master of Arts in Strategic Communications program and I plan to reenroll in Mercer University to FINALLY complete my Ph.D. in Educational Leadership. I’m also taking a songwriting class on Coursera that has its own set of textbooks while continuing to homeschool Elijah, 8, and Miranda, 7, since we follow a year-round academic schedule.

Despite entering this EXTRA busy stage of my life, I will continue to share revamped recipes for vegans, vegetarians and now, pescatrians as long as you’re still interested. I hope you are, because I sure would miss you ALL!

Much love,




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