Squashed! Acorn squash a delicious addition

So I continued my quest to taste all of the world’s squashes by cooking acorn squash for the first time recently. I’m fascinated with food, particularly by that which is grown, because there’s something spectacular about the fact that the earth produces everything we need, including a squash that looks like an acorn!


I purchased my first acorn squash from the Your DeKalb Farmers Market, a World Direct Market, in Decatur, GA. I live 45 minutes away, but had business 5 miles away from the market, and there was NO WAY I was going to get that close to it and not get over there to shop! NO WAY!


As I began my internet search for recipes, a seemingly popular acorn squash recipe repeatedly emerged – Acorn Squash with Butter and Brown Sugar. The recipe itself was simple. The difficult part, as with butternut squash and spaghetti squash, is actually getting into the squash! The butternut squash is still the most diffult for me to maneuver since in addition to having to be cut and seeded, it also has to be peeled to make yummy recipes such as butternut squash cakes and baked butternut fries.

Back to the acorn squash recipe. I only made two changes. Instead of using butter, I used I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. I know there are vegan butters available, and I’ve even come across a few recipes to make my own. For now, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter works fine. After tasting the acorn squash and realizing that it’s more of a sweet veggie than a savory one, I altered the recipe a second time by sprinkling tarragon onto the cooked squash, because it’s a sweet herb.


As I stated, I bought this acorn squash from a farmers’ market – LOVE those places! It was a great place to get my first acorn squash.


First, I cut the squash in half lengthwise.


Next, I seeded it. It’s easier to seed than butternut squash – “mutter, mutter” – nevertheless, butternut squash is still yummy!


After placing both sides of the squash face down on a baking sheet and cooking for 40 minutes, I transferred them to a baking dish, because the original recipe called for something I’d never tried before . . . I’ll explain in a moment.


Place butter or vegan butter substitute inside one half of the squash.

Brown sugar

Then I sprinkled it with brown sugar. At this point, I had a feelin’ this was going to be YUMMY!


Now back to doing something I’d never done before. The recipe’s instructions included placing the plain half atop the seasoned half and placing the squash back into the oven. I made this the day after April Fool’s Day, and said to my family who was already eating dinner, “I’m supposed to reassemble this squash and bake it. I know it’s going to slide off immediately. Clearly this is a late April Fool’s joke. I’m being pranked! And I was fooled, because the unseasoned half plopped right onto the other half as if it had never been cut!


Oh, my goodness – yummy goodness! I sprinkled it with tarragon, and y’all, I ate this squash 4 days straight! Each half contains approximately 4 servings. It was so delicious that I ate half of a half the first night!


The next day, I ate it with a homemade garbanzo bean burger for lunch. I also ate it as a snack a couple of days when my 3 p.m. snack attack urge reemerged.


I enjoyed the last of it along with leftover okra and tomatoes, a garbanzo bean burger, white rice, which I crave occasionally and a mushroom, sweet onion and kale stir-fry. I had a virtual buffet on my plate!

Needless to say, acorn squash is a keeper. Now on to the next one. I spotted  sunburst squashes at the farmers’ market. I think they’re the next to be squashed!






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