Favorite Things: Veetee Dine in Rice

I LOVE rice! I can’t help it, because growing up on Hilton Head Island, we ate something on long grain rice at dinner EVERY day! I never grew tired of it! There was green beans on rice, lima beans on rice, sweet peas on rice, pork and beans on rice, collard greens on rice, okra on rice, and I’m sure I’m forgetting other food items we ate on rice. For the most part, I’ve gotten away from eating veggies and starches on rice, but I still must have a least a tablespoon of rice, usually black rice, with my black-eye peas or okra and tomatoes.

My mother made sure I could cook a pot of rice. As you know, you have to start cooking the rice about 25 minutes ahead of your other dishes to ensure that it’s ready when your other dinner items are. About two years ago, I was ecstatic when I finally purchased a rice cooker. The cooking time is about the same as the stove-top method, but I don’t have to keep an eye on it like I do with the old method.

Now there’s Veetee Dine In microwavable rice! Many of us have cooked microwavable rice that didn’t quite taste like that which was cooked on the stove or via a rice cooker. Y’all, Veetee Dine In rice is the exception. So far, I’ve only tried the basmati rice, but it cooks in two minutes, and tastes like it was cooked on the stove in 30. YUMMY and CONVENIENT! There isn’t much that I cook using the microwave, but this rice will be my exception, because it’s SO good! If you really don’t want to use the microwave, you don’t have to – this rice is ready in two minutes when stir-fried!

RiceAs stated on the package: “We understand cooking rice can be a chore, that’s why we have done all the hard work for you. Rice so good, you will never need to cook it from scratch again.” I certainly don’t plan to! Veetee Dine In rice is now one of my favorite things!

Stir Fry

Although I rarely eat my veggies over rice anymore, occasionally, I crave this simple stir-fry with rice – sautéed zucchini, summer squash, mushrooms, sweet onions and kale when I have it. I season it with my triple threat – pink Himalayan sea salt, basil and savory and eat it over Veetee’s basmati rice. YUMMY!



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