Back to Breakfast

Occasionally, I don’t want breakfast. I mean, I don’t want ANYTHING to do with it. Because I know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I still will have chamomile, chai, peach, raspberry or acai-pomergranet-blueberry-green tea along with a banana to ensure I’m not running on empty.

Breakfast came back this morning, and all it took was my favorite food, which happens to be green – avocado to get me back on the wagon! I think having found Toufayan Smart Pockets handy also inspired me to eat.

This is a screen shot taken from my Weight Watchers app.It shows what I enjoyed after fasting breakfast for four days: half and avocado topped with my dynamic duo Рsaut̩ed mushrooms and sweet onions!

This, of course, was a simple breakfast, so there’s no need for me to share an official recipe. Now . . . what else can I stuff in these smart pockets?

Oh yeah – the Vegan Black Bean burger I cooked for dinner last night. I’m having that for lunch!


Black Bean Smart Pocket
Vegan Black Bean Burger in a Toufayan Smart Pocket






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