Squashed! Venture into spaghetti squash a tasty, low-calorie success

I LOVE squash! Seriously, I eat some form of squash at least four times a week. If it’s yellow squash, I saute it. If it’s zucchini, I spiralize it to make zoodles, and then saute it. If it’s butternut squash, I fight my way into it, battle the skin off, and then make YUMMY butternut squash cakes!

I recently had the following thought: “There’s more squash out there – squash that I haven’t squashed and tasted yet!” That thought led me to the spaghetti squash. Seeing videos of people scrapping the squash out with a fork, resulting in spaghetti-like strands, was fascinating to me! So while shopping recently, I picked one up, deciding that it had to be easier to get into than its cousin, butternut. As it turns out, getting into the spaghetti squash was only slightly easier, but at least cooking it didn’t require peeling it! I loosely followed the Weight Watchers recipe Spaghetti Squash Marinara to sample spaghetti squash for the first time. Don’t let the Weight Watchers connection fool you. This recipe is delicious!

The recipe called for a 2 pound to 2 1/2 pound squash. This one weighed slightly under that. I know that, because my children ALWAYS find something to weigh in the produce section even when I don’t need anything weighed. I was happy to give the squash to Miranda to weigh this time.
The first trick is cutting it open. This video on the cookingguide channel shows how. 
Next, scoop the seeds out.
Flip both halves open and use a fork to poke a million holes in them – well, as many as you can. My halves look like Wolverine or Edward Scissors Hands got a hold of them. Yes, I love sci-fi!
After baking for 40 minutes, they will look like this and . . .
like this on the inside. Use a fork to pull the squash away from the skin. Again, the fact that it ends up looking like spaghetti intrigues me. Zucchini tastes better to me spiralized, but I’m sure there’s a scientific reason connected to the visual presentation of the zucchini that makes me believe it tastes better. Back to the spaghetti squash . . . 
I’ve heard Ina Garten and Martha Stewart say on their shows that they love white dishes. I agree with them. I love this white bowl and plan to get more of them! Ina’s herb garden, by the way, is EVERYTHING! After 10 years of asking her neighbor if he would sell his house, he finally did. On that property, she had a second house built where she now films her shows and added a lovely landscaped herb garden. I plan to start growing my favorite veggies soon!
Roughly 10 minutes before the squash was done, I sautéed some sweet onions and mushrooms until slightly wilted, giving up their yummy goodness and then added sliced stewed tomatoes. I sprinkled it all with pink Himalayan sea salt, basil and oregano. I also threw 3 sugar cubes in there to combat any tartness from the tomatoes.
Lastly, I spooned all of it onto the spaghetti squash. The sweet onions and mushrooms weren’t a part of the recipe. Parmesan was, but I’m vegan and haven’t found a vegan cheese yet. I’ve heard that nutritional yeast tastes like cheese, so maybe next time, I’ll add that.

This dish serves 4 and at 1 Weight Watchers Smart Point per serving if I had included the cheese, I could have eaten this ENTIRE bowl! After cooking for 40 minutes, the squash still had a slight crunch to it and was so YUMMY that I will be having the other half of it as part of my lunch. The other part will be another Smart Pocket just like that one I enjoyed yesterday!


Here again is the Weight Watchers recipe for Spaghetti Squash Marinara. Enjoy!



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  1. Janice Barnwell says:

    thank you for sharing your recipes. It is making the transition for me easier. Please keep them coming.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Melissa says:

      Thanks, Janice, for taking time to let me know my blog posts are helpful. Your comment came at a time when I was beginning to wonder if I should keep this blog going. I wish you much success in your transition. It can be tough at first, but I LOVE eating this way and hope you will, too!


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