So Delicious Vanilla Yogurt Alternative



After trying the raspberry and strawberry varieties, I finally decided to give vanilla a chance!

A short while ago, I posted about the So DELICIOUS line of organic nonGMO coconut milk yogurt alternative products. A yogurt connoisseur since I was 6, I tried the raspberry and strawberry varieties and thoroughly enjoyed them both! The vanilla flavor yogurt alternative was available at the time when I bought the other two flavors, but I left it in the store, assuming it would be too bland.

Well, when my cousin, Tamara, in North Carolina, informed me via facebook that the vanilla flavored yogurt alternative was in fact So DELICIOUS, I decided to taste for myself. She was right! Just like the other two varieties I tried, the sweetness seems to be just right – not too sweet and not too bitter. The hint of vanilla isn’t overpowering, and the amount of yogurt in the container makes it a satisfying 3 p.m. or after-dinner snack. All my life I’ve gotten hungry around 3 p.m., so finding snacks that quell my hunger pangs has long been one pursuit I’ve been quite passionate about!

I added fresh strawberries to my So DELICIOUS vanilla yogurt alternative!

Out of the three flavors that I’ve sampled, the vanilla is now my favorite for its mild vanilla flavor, perfect sweetness and the fact that I can customize it with any fresh fruit I have available!

So DELICIOUS produces a range of dairy-free products using coconuts, almonds and soy, including frozen desserts, milks and creamers. I wish my local stores would carry them all!



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  1. Queen Nique says:

    I love this brands non-dairy ice cream selection……

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