Saturday Sabbatical: She sips tea

For a period of roughly 10 years, I called myself a coffee drinker. I wasn’t really. What I really was was a sugar addict! Let me explain. The coffee tumbler that my fellow teachers saw me carrying contained 3 creamers, 7 packets of sugar, a pack of hot chocolate and a hint of coffee! For years, I actually thought I was a coffee addict, although all I ever needed was 1 cup a day. When the school year ended at the PreK where I taught last year, so did my free coffee. After a recent move, I couldn’t find my Keurig to make coffee at home. I thought I would go berserk without it and suffer from a mean withdrawal, but I didn’t. I simply quit coffee.

Months later, I returned to drinking tea, which was my morning beverage of choice since my preteen years. I actually returned to drinking tea by having a cup of Sleepytime Tea at night in mint or peach flavors.

I was in the grocery store looking for tea and lip balm and found this box of tea that came with lip balm – no kidding!

A warning about the Sleepytime teas: I found that I can’t drink them past 8 p.m., otherwise I awake the next morning feeling like I need more sleep!

I can’t write about tea without mentioning Teavana! I first came across Teavana before Starbucks bought them while shopping with my oldest daughter, Kayla, 24, at Lenox Square Mall in Buckhead, Atlanta. We were offered a sample of tea, and I, of course, selected a strawberry flavor. I was blown away when I discovered that it didn’t taste like tea at all!

Because Starbucks purchased Teavana, I can get my tea fix at any one of them, except that there isn’t a Starbucks located in the tiny town I live in. But when I’m in Atlanta or in the next not-as-tiny town as mine nearest me, I stop at a Starbucks and grab this wonder:

Strawberry acai tea – divine! I love strawberries and acai, and someone had the genius idea of combining them! And yes, those are plump strawberries in my cup!

I’ve been drinking mint, peach, chamomile, raspberry, mango and green teas. When I found this acai, pomegranate and blueberry green tea, I couldn’t resist! Isn’t the color pretty!

I’m apt to try almost anything with acai in it!

So this was my breakfast this morning, because every now and then, I don’t want it, but I know it’s the most important meal of the day. I’m sure I’ll make up for the missed calories with a few Girl Scout Cookies. Nick bought 2 boxes home last night! If they have dairy in them, I’ll bake something sweet and vegan. Because I am and will probably always be a recovering sugar addict!


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