Where I buy hard-to-find ingredients

Dr. Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize winner in 1913, stated the following: “No disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment.” We have alkaline foods and acidic foods available to us. In an attempt to stave off disease and to be as healthy as possible, I strive to maintain a diet that consists of 80 percent alkaline foods and 20 percent acidic foods. With that said, finding some alkaline foods can be quite difficult when you live in the country like I do.

I can find EVERYTHING I need at the DeKalb Farmers’ Market near Atlanta, but I live roughly 45 minutes away from it and don’t get there very often. A post on that place, which I call a shopping EXTRAVAGANZA, is forthcoming. My family and I, including Nick, who HATES shopping, loves that place! When I can’t get there, I shop at a Kroger that’s 3 miles away and a Publix and Target that are 9 miles away. Here’s what I can find at those stores:

I usually return from the farmers’ market with items like these. My family tends to throw items like coconut flakes, sweet potato-cayenne chips, biscotti and half a coconut cake in the cart! The round containers contain spices like onion powder, thyme, basil, tarragon and savory.
Yep, it’s pink – pink Himalayan sea salt to be exact, and it’s my FAVORITE seasoning! I’ve found it at the farmers’ market, but I actually got a better deal by ordering from the Black Tai Salt Company via amazon. I got 5 pounds of it for around $7. It has an intense but pleasant flavor, so a little goes a LONG way! You can also order directly from the company. Here’s info on the health benefits of pink sea salt.
Simple Truth Organic is sold in Krogers. I LOVE Kroger for its organic-vegan food section – so much so that I emailed Kroger Corporate to tell them! I also like being in the section, because when the store is crowded, I’m typically over there alone!


When I can’t get to the farmers’ market to get another brand of spelt flour in a larger package for a lower price, I get it on sale at Kroger in the organic-vegan section. I use spelt flour for EVERYTHING, including sautéing for making butternut squash cakes and baking sweet treats like Vegan Banana Bread and Vegan Blueberry Muffins.


I get this brand of grapeseed oil when I can’t get to the farmers’ market to get a larger bottle of a different brand for the same price as this one. I’m thankful that I can find this brand at Kroger and Publix, however. Grapeseed oil has a neutral flavor, and I cook EVERYTHING with it. I also use it as a salad dressing.


Y’all – quinoa . . . I LOVE this grain! I eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I love the Tomato Vidalia Onion Quinoa recipe I made up to have for breakfast. Then I decided I could also have it for lunch and dinner! There are boxed varieties that are preflavored. Buying it like this, however, allows me to control the flavor while avoiding preservatives. You guessed it, I get this from Kroger.


Typically, if I have quinoa for breakfast, I use these quinoa hot cereal flakes. They have the texture of cream of wheat, and I can season them to be sweet or savory. I only get these from the farmers’ market, because they only cost $1.89 a box there. I’ve seen them in Publix for approximately $12 a box.


I find Agave nectar at Kroger and at Publix. I only found this brand in Kroger, however. I sometimes use it in smoothies or in my tea. As you can see, I need more of it!


You can find coconut milk in most grocery stores, but I get this brand from Kroger since it’s organic and less expensive than all the other brands I’ve come across.


This is my sugar replacement, and I bake EVERYTHING with it. It smells like yummy goodness, y’all!


As you might have guessed, I’m on a coconut kick! There is a laundry list detailing the benefits of coconut oil. You can learn more about them in this video at the Healthy Life YouTube channel. Let me tell you, I put this in my smoothies, I bake with it, and I’m going to start cooking with it in general. It is recommended that you purchase it unrefined. I’ve found several brands at Kroger and Publix.



I found this in the organic-vegan section in Kroger. I was SO excited about it that I had to bring it home. I’m sure this brand is also available at Publix, but I haven’t found it in the one nearest me. I haven’t had yogurt since becoming vegan a few months ago, and I REALLY like this coconut milk yogurt alternative. It’s not pasty and overly sweet like some yogurts can be.


I haven’t tried quinoa flour yet, because I LOVE spelt flour and this costs more than $8 at Publix. I’ve seen Bob’s Red Mill products at Kroger as well, but you can also order them direct from the Bob’s Red Mill site. Jet and Thrive Market also carries Bob’s Red Mill products.


I found this quinoa pasta at Publix, but I didn’t purchase it, because I have to be REALLY careful with my carb intake, and I’m in love with zoodles! Here’s how I cook mine. I’ve heard that Target carries spelt pasta, but it’s not in the one nearest me.

In addition to farmers’ markets, traditional grocery stores, and stores like Whole Foods, Sprouts, Trader Joe’s and The Fresh Market, you can order the items I featured and oodles more online at sites like Bob’s Red Mill, Jet, IHerb and Thrive Market to name a few.






















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