When your sweet tooth is STILL raging. .

When your sweet tooth is still raging you might tell your children you’re making apple bread, but then notice the spotted bananas and make Vegan Banana Bread instead. Then you might taste the banana bread, declare that it’s the best you’ve ever had in your life and decide that it would pair extremely well with the Vegan Banana Ice Cream you made the night before. Next you might decide that decision time isn’t over, and decide to do something you forbid your children from ever doing – eat dessert BEFORE dinner! I did ALL of that last night, and I don’t regret any it!


The night I ate dessert BEFORE dinner – Vegan Banana Bread atop Vegan Banana Ice Cream.


I told you that I made Vegan Blueberry Banana Ice Cream but forgot to tell you that I also made the ice cream without the blueberries. I ended up with two servings of ice cream from two large bananas. I ate the blueberry version the night I made it and froze the plain banana version. When I made the executive decision to make banana bread, I decided I would have it with the plain banana ice cream. But when I tasted the Vegan Banana Bread fresh out of the oven, I decided that I couldn’t wait until after dinner to eat dessert. Let me tell you, that banana bread – oh, my goodness, – oh, my goodness – it’s the most moist banana bread I’ve EVER tasted. And that Vegan Banana Ice Cream – I’ll just say that I don’t miss regular ice cream!


The night before, I ate Blueberry Banana Vegan Ice Cream garnished with a blueberry muffin from a batch I made after midnight the previous night.


That batch of Vegan Blue Berry Muffins I made after midnight that prompted me to make Blueberry Banana Ice Cream for dinner the next day and to make Vegan Banana Bread to eat before dinner with Vegan Banana Ice Cream the day after that!

P.S. I think my raging sweet tooth is headed for a hiatus. This morning I wanted something savory and threw something together that just popped into my head, and it was YUMMY! That quick, easy recipe coming soon!




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