Photoaday Day 30: P is for . . .


Day 30 of the January Photoaday Challenge is simply P is: I decided P is for progress! If you have chosen to embark on your weight-loss journey, be sure you document your progress and celebrate EVERY pound loss while celebrating nonscale victories like seeing your collar bones again or being able to walk a flight of stairs and not be out of breath when you reach the top! I was hesitant to do this at first, because I didn’t like how I looked in photos, but now, I’m SO glad I did!


When I decided 10 years ago that I needed to lose weight before the rise of the smart phone and apps, I kept a scrapbook to document my progress. I even kept tags from my new smaller clothes! The No. 1 highlight of losing the first 10 pounds 10 years ago was that a young man asked me for my phone number!

I lost a CANOE, y’all!

Please document your journey in whatever way works best for you. You’ll be SO glad you did!



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