Photoaday Day 29 – Before and After


The picture on the left was taken 5 years ago. It took gaining 30 more pounds before I mustered up the sense of urgency to start doing something about the weight.

Day 29 of the Photoaday January Challenge is Before and After. Although I’ve lost 40 pounds as of today – YAY! – I haven’t reached my after yet. I have 10 more pounds to lose before I get there, and to tell you the truth, these last few pounds have been the hardest to lose. Some experts advise that when you hit a plateau, as I did and stayed there for more than a month, it’s time to reexamine your habits. That’s what I’ve begun to do, and maybe what I’m doing can help you, too.

  1. I stopped tracking what I ate. Research shows that those who write down what they eat, lose more weight than those who don’t. Since I’m on Weight
  2. Watchers, I track using the app. There are free apps like myfitnesspal that help users keep track of calories, and there are those who prefer to simply keep track of their food by recording their intake in a journal. I was gifted a Moleskine that I love but use for other purposes, but it would work well as a food journal.
  3. I exercised less. At the start of my weight-loss journey, I diligently stuck to getting 10,000 steps three days a week, 5,000 steps two days a week, and 2,500 steps two days a week. While I still exercise via walking two days a week and doing Just Dance two days a week, I’m getting less exercise than when I was tracking my steps. I’ve faced the fact that we were made to move – our bodies are designed for an active lifestyle instead of one that is sedentary. The proof is what happens to our bodies when aren’t active enough – we gain weight, which makes us prey to a host of physical ailments and diseases. I’m counting my steps again!
  4. I neglected to monitor my fruit intake. Yes, eating fruit is a good thing, but somehow in being good to myself, I forgot that sweet fruits are carbs! Because this isn’t my first round of dieting, I have learned a few things about my body, and I know that I have to be VERY careful with my carb intake. I don’t know about you, but eating too many carbs results in weight gain for me!
  5. I’ve been a nibbler lately. Many moms eat off their children’s plates, because they hate to throw food away. That’s not a problem with my kids – they eat ALL their food. My husband, Nick, is a thin man who eats like a thin person – he STOPS eating when he’s full – novel ideal, right! So because I hate throwing food away as well, I had begun eating off his plate AND eating my food, too. A nibble here and a nibble there adds up!
  6. I’ve been stressed. I admit it. Research has also shown that stress can lead to weight gain. So guess whose about to get serious about meditation? Yep – me!

Here are more ways that you could be sabotaging your weight-loss efforts.

P.S. Remember, it is recommended that you consult your physician before beginning an exercise regimen.


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