Photoaday Day 27: Protein Power!

Day 27 of the Photoaday Challenge is protein. According to, men need 56 grams of protein per day while women need 46. When I switched to a vegan diet, I had to consider what my sources of protein would be. Fortunately for vegans and vegetarians alike, nonmeat protein sources abound! The foods I list here make up some of my daily sources of protein:


This ancient grain has 8g of protein per cup. Quinoa is SO versatile! I use it primarily as a rice replacement, but I also use it to stuff peppers, avocados and mushrooms. Photo by Wikimedia Commons


Garbanzo beans, aka chick peas, contain 7.3g of protein per 1/2 cup. Another versatile food, garbanzo beans can be used to make veggie burgers, falafel, hummus, flour or to simply be enjoyed roasted.


Chia seeds have 4.7g of protein per 2 tablespoons. I recently added chia seeds to my data because of other health benefits and typically get my daily intake via a yummy smoothie.


White mushrooms contain 3g of protein per cup. I LOVE mushrooms, eating them at breakfast, lunch AND dinner! I marinated these and ate them as a side at dinner. BUT they taste even better the next day cold in a salad! 


I’ve made it no secret that I’ve never like onions, until I finally tried a Vidalia onion. I eat these sweet onions EVERY day sometimes at breakfast, lunch AND dinner! Each onion has 2.6 grams of protein.


Kale contains .7g of protein per cup. My FAVORITE snack is kale chips, and if they’re in the house, I’m eating them!

P.S. There are other vegan and vegetarian sources of protein available, like peas, greek yogurt and edamame, that contain more protein than the foods I listed  here. To find out what some of them are, check out this short video.








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