Weight-loss tip: Find a support system


Day 19 of the January Photoaday Challenge is “support.” My family comes to mind when I think about those who have supported me on this weight-loss journey and have helped me lose 38 pounds and counting. When I think of my family, the Yo Gabba Gabba song “That’s My Family,” pops into my head. Our youngest children are Elijah, 8, and Miranda, 7, so we’re not too far removed from Nick Jr.!

My husband, Nick, who can’t gain weight even when he wants to, never said a word about my weight even though I was 70 pounds heavier than I was when we got married. Right around the time that I was making the decision to do something about the weight, he began to ask gently every Friday, “Do you want to come to the gym with me?” I said, “No,” for months. The kids went with him. They also played tennis with him, rode bikes with him and went swimming with him. Meanwhile, I stayed home, losing out on the family memories while continuing to gain weight!

My daughter, Kayla, 24, is still amazed at my weight loss – not because I’ve lost a substantial amount of weight, because I’ve done that before – but because it was like I just turned a switch on and did it. Mind you, I’ve been on Weight Watchers since June, and I became a vegan recently, so the weight-loss didn’t occur overnight. It might take a while for me to make a decision sometimes, but when I make up my mind, it’s like I turn on a switch. I was SO determined to lose weight, that I started Weight Watchers on a weekend! Once I decided to forgo meat, I never ate another bite. Kayla makes me feel proud when she says that my weight-loss proves that I’ve earned the “Badge of Discipline,” and she makes me smile when she calls me skinny!

The other members of my immediate support system – my family – helped me in several ways. Here are a few tips on getting fit and having fun with your family at the same time!

Find a sport you all like: Back in June, I finally decided to begin learning to play tennis. It took me long enough given the fact that Nick coached high school tennis! I was having so much fun, that he surprised me with my own tennis racket! Up next – SWIMMING! Yes, I’m going to don a swimsuit for the first time since I was 12 and finally learn to swim!
Take a walk: These two right here are my BIGGEST cheerleaders! They never hesitate to go on a walk with me. They used to bring tools like a ball and a book to entertain themselves while they waited for me to catch up with them. That’s not a problem anymore!
Find a gym: This doesn’t have to be expensive, y’all. It only cost us $2 per adult and $1 per child each visit to enjoy this new full-service gym, including workout room just three minutes away from us! After hitting the treadmill and stationary bike for an hour, I’d then shoot hoops with the kids – memories!


Ride a bike: I didn’t have a bike when I started my weight-loss journey. I just mentioned that I would rather ride a real bike rather than the stationary bike at the gym, and Nick surprised me with one. You don’t have to spend $1,000 on a bike – maybe hit some yard sales or flea markets where you can often get them for cheap!

No tip here – this is how I looked after riding that bike and encountering a deer dude and being chased by bees four times! That’s ok, because that’s the day I learned that I can run! Until recently, I had stopped allowing myself to be photographed because of the weight. Then I noticed that I was in VERY few of our family pictures. The fact that I’m posting this picture of a much heavier me, means I’ve come a long way baby! At least I hope so . . . 
In a show of support of my diet, Nick surprised me with this less-sinful cake for my birthday!

Beyond my family, I’ve received support from far-away friends like Allison who clicks the like button on pretty much everything I post and makes me smile! Then there’s Vonnie, who has been motivating me in one way or another over the years. Most recently, she suggested that I start a Youtube channel. It’s coming soon, Vonnie. I promise! And then, there’s Vonda, whom I’ve known since I was 12. There have been times when she was the only person to like some of my posts, and that meant a lot to me. There are several other far-away friends that I will have to mention in upcoming posts.

In the meantime, find your support system – whether it be family or far-away friends. Because as they say in Weight Watchers, we’re #bettertogehter!




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